Support the Legacy of Adi Da Samraj

Support the Legacy of Adi Da Samraj

Adidam Holy Domains Projects

In fulfilling our joyful commitment to restore, preserve, and protect the Hermitages and Sanctuaries Empowered by Avatar Adi Da Samraj in the United States, and to continue the work of digitally archiving the audio, video, photographic, and handwritten artifacts of His Life and Work, the following projects are the highest priority and need your patronage and support.

For additional information on any of the projects listed below, including specific funding needs, please contact the Samrajya Patronage Office.


With the intention of saving thousands each month in utility costs at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, installation of a solar panel array is planned. This includes upgrading of electrical equipment and transmission of electric power to Terrific Power, Avatar Adi Da’s name for the PG&E electric power station at the Sanctuary. While this will be an expensive project, it would provide a potential 10% return on the investment.


Critical to the protection of Avatar Adi Da’s residence at the Mountain Of Attention Ruchira Sannyasin Sanctuary is a secure fireproof fence. Most of the fence was constructed over thirty years ago and is now in need of major repair. After the Valley Fire in 2015, 125 feet of the old fence was replaced with a fireproof concrete fence, as shown in the photograph. The goal is to replace all the old wooden fencing with a concrete fence. The project will be done in phases.


Land Bridge Pavilion is an important part of Beloved Adi Da’s Divine Domain at The Mountain Of Attention Ruchira Sannyasin Sanctuary. It is used daily for meditation and sacramental worship. Recent inspections have shown that the building needs to be retrofitted to support the integrity of the structure. This includes improving the entrance to the temple with new doors and access ramps, installing a new foundation in order to increase stability in case of an earthquake, and rebuilding the roof.


Wildfires have become a significant threat in California due to drought and rising summer temperatures. In 2015, the Valley Fire in Lake County destroyed buildings and thousands of acres of old-growth trees at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary. The core holy sites were protected by resident men using garden hoses and fire extinguishers to fight the flames. Upgrading of fire safety measures is one of the Adidam Holy Domains’ highest priorities. Funding is needed immediately for the following:

  • Brush clearing and weed abatement
  • Removal of dangerous trees
  • Fire water system upgrades
  • Firefighting protective gear for firefighters



For several years, the Sacred Archives has focused on preserving its vast collection of videotape, audiotape, photographic, and handwritten documents created by and about Avatar Adi Da. The urgency of this project is due to the short window of time available to transfer these forms of documentation to a digital medium, thus preserving original artifacts of the Revelation and Blessing Work that Avatar Adi Da accomplished during his lifetime. The Sacred Archives also contains tens of thousands of historically significant physical artifacts from throughout Adi Da’s Lifetime, which must also be preserved but are not amenable to digital duplication. To help us maintain the safety, security, and longevity of all the forms of irreplaceable artifacts and the high-resolution digital duplicates contained in the Adidam Sacred Archives, the following is a list of some of our most urgent funding needs:

  • Film scanners: We have 80,000 color and black/white still images in both medium and large film format that require specific film scanners able to accommodate their size; we need four scanners to complete the task.
  • Historic 8mm movie films: We have 70 small reels of 8mm color film of Avatar Adi Da Samraj from the 1970s and 1980s that need to be professionally transferred to high resolution digital file formats, to ensure their long-term preservation and their current and future accessibility.
  • Additional archival artifact storage: To accommodate the thousands of significant sacred artifacts in the Sacred Archives, the storage capacity of the facilities at The Mountain Of Attention needs to be expanded.

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