Support the Legacy of Adi Da Samraj

Support the Legacy of Adi Da Samraj

Dawn Horse Press Publications Fund


Avatar Adi Da’s Reality-Teaching is deeply valued by many people around the world.  The Dawn Horse Press, which is part of the Adidam Holy Institution, has the responsibility to make his great body of written and spoken communication available globally and for all time.

The Dawn Horse Press has been publishing Avatar Adi Da’s Teaching since 1972 in printed, audio-visual, and e-book formats. Although a great many of his works have been published to date, many essays, books, and discourses remain to be published. The Dawn Horse Press needs financial assistance to make sure this happens as quickly as possible, while those who have worked on editing and publishing under Avatar Adi Da’s direct guidance are still alive and available to ensure that his verbal communications are produced exactly in alignment with the instructions he gave during his lifetime.

The Aletheon and The Dawn Horse Testament Are the Summary of My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Truly human, and Spiritual, and Transcendental, and Divine Reality-Truth.

The Aletheon has already been published in its final form. An important project currently under way is the editing of the final version of The Dawn Horse TestamentThe Dawn Horse Testament is one of Avatar Adi Da’s Paramount Texts, in which he summarizes, in comprehensive detail, the entire course of practice of the Reality-Way of Adidam.

If you are one of the many who have benefited from Avatar Adi Da’s gifts and would like to ensure that his Teaching is available now and for future generations, please consider making a donation to the Dawn Horse Press Publications Fund.


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