Support the Legacy of Adi Da Samraj

Support the Legacy of Adi Da Samraj

Da Plastique

Adi Da Samraj created visual art for more than forty years. Since emerging on the international art scene at the 2007 Venice Biennale, Adi Da’s art has drawn broad critical acclaim and has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe and the United States.

The artistic images of Adi Da’s vast body of work transmit Reality Itself in a non-verbal form, which he called “Transcendental Realism”.

In an Artist’s Statement titled The Unobservable Totality of Light, Adi Da Samraj wrote: “My image-art can be characterized as paradoxical space that undermines ‘point of view’. That undermining allows for a tacit glimpse, or intuitive sense, of the transcendental condition of Reality—totally beyond and prior to ‘point of view’.” Thus, the artistic images are visual communications, made for the purpose of drawing the viewer beyond the illusory condition of separation and self-enclosure into the egoless condition of “indivisible unity”—the radiant state of Reality Itself.

Within the Adi Da Foundation, Da Plastique serves as the global representative of Adi Da’s art, and is responsible for its fabrication, exhibition, advocacy, gallery relations, and the protection of the artist’s universal rights.

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