Support the Legacy of Adi Da Samraj

Support the Legacy of Adi Da Samraj

Da Orpheum

The Orpheum: The Tragic History of the Recent Return of Orpheus, or, The First Room In Three Books is a trilogy of novels authored by Adi Da Samraj that are also intended to be enacted theatrically—as a means of assisting the viewer’s entrance into the transformative subjective process that Adi Da Samraj intended The Orpheum to elicit.

The three novels in this mysterious and metafictional trilogy—the story of “The Great Sage” Raymond Darling—are The Mummery BookThe Scapegoat Book, and The Happenine Book.

Da Orpheum, as part of the Adi Da Foundation, is formed to ensure that this Literary and Theatrical Art of Adi Da Samraj, through The Orpheum trilogy and Transcendental Realist Theatre, is globally accessible and critically acclaimed through an expansive and broad approach to publications and theatrical productions of many kinds, including, but not limited to, “happenings”, multi-media events, performances, symposiums and international arts, literary and theatre festivals.

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