Naitauba Solar Power Project

Naitauba Solar Power Project


Devotees have been working intensively over the last several years to reduce Naitauba’s dependency on diesel fuel by converting the island to solar power. Our goal is to supply 80% of Naitauba’s power requirements with sunlight, with only 20% supplied by diesel fuel, and eventually by bio-diesel, biomass, or coconut oil.

Phase I of the project was completed in 2014 at a cost of US$250,000. This phase focused on building all the required facilities and infrastructure, and also began to generate 23KW of electricity. This phase has reduced daytime fuel consumption and made it possible to turn off the main generator at night for three to four hours, since the power is stored in batteries.

Phase II, at a cost of US$250,000, will increase the generation of electricity to 45KW and will allow turning off the main generator the entire night, along with supplying 66KW when the sun is out during daytime. We are currently fundraising for this phase.




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